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Among Us Mod Menu has 4 Categories: Player Mod Slider, Player Mod, Character, and Misc.
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15. See Ghost Chat // Dead Player Chat will show up
We find it best to leave this Among Us setting at the default 1.0x for most lobbies. We believe this offers crewmates reasonable situational awareness during normal play, but also leaves them sufficiently vulnerable during electricity outages. However, feel free to tweak this setting up to 1.25x based on how your games play out.
However, since it does come with ads and in-game purchases, Android gamers will need to unlock Among Us to better enjoy. And if you don’t want to pay with real money, then it’s always a good idea to go for the modified version of the game on our website.
Finally, head to the Security area and access the cameras. Unlike the Admin map, the cameras update in real-time. The trade-off there is that they don’t cover the whole ship, just the major junctions on the map:
The application provides users with the very unique gameplay in which table have two to build their shuttle without letting the imposter harm them.  The application provides all of its services for free which makes it even more desirable.
For these tasks you should also save them until another crewmate is nearby that needs to be checked.
Getting started in our website is easy. All you have to do is purchase a key and download the loader you paid for, then activate the license and enjoy the game. How to inject tutorial will be given upon purchase.
Among Us Hack Apk is an action as well as a puzzle-solving game. It is a puzzle-solving game in the sense that you play with other gamers. You have an exciting adventure with other innocent astronauts. But keep an eye on the imposters. They are present among you.
3. Speed Multiplier // Increase Move Speed
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Ideally, vents are something only impostors should be able to access, but Reddit user Big_Nate_on_juice discovered that hackers are getting around that restriction. They shared a clip this week of them playing as an impostor and trying to pass for a crewmate, when all of a sudden they stumble upon an actual crewmate jumping into a vent, leaving them standing there in confusion until a meeting is called and they start to share their discovery in the chat. Why the crewmate thought venting in front of another player was a good idea is a question that remains unanswered, though.
Does it work on bluestacks if it does which ver do i download
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Ana-Christina Ramón, a co-author of the report, argued that its findings should create an incentive for studios to make more films centered around people of color. 
That might lower your odds of winning, but at least you’re still breathing.
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What is the best setting for Crewmate and Impostor Vision in Among Us?
If an Imposter is sabotaging the station, you may have to rush to a specific room to fix the malfunctioning equipment. If the entire team ignores the O2 and Reactor events the Imposters can snag an easy win. So, follow the arrows that appear on your map promptly in these situations, and work with the rest of the crew to clear them quickly. Other sabotages include closing doors and turning off the lights. It’s possible to fix the lights, but there’s little that Crewmates can do about the doors until they open again, apart from hoping they’re not stuck in a room with an Imposter.
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Bot #2 will be in the Admin room. From the Cafeteria, go straight down and this room will be on the right. This room will also be where you can get the  IMPOSSIBLE TASK trophy as a crewmate.
Among Us Cracked Version is a completely new adventure for you concerning its gameplay. Interaction during your spaceship accident is free. Types of equipment used in this game also play a vital role in enhancing the game. Furthermore, your excitement will increase much due to the modded version of this game. Best of luck with your new detective adventure!
Over the last couple of months, the multiplayer murder mystery game Among Us, originally released in 2018, saw an unprecedented upturn in downloads, prompting a deluge of memes and online discussion. This was mainly down to its increased popularity with Twitch streamers, specifically Sodapoppin and xQc. The indie studio that created it, InnerSloth, has even cancelled plans for a sequel just to concentrate their efforts on the upkeep of the first game.
A player with imposter status would kill both other players, and they would be kicked out of the ship if they realized who the imposter was. The game also includes options for sabotage, making it easier to kill and giving you better alibis.
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We’ve also got you covered if you want to know the basics of how to play Among Us, or if you want to know the best settings for Among Us too.
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Crewmates use the security cameras to check up on others. While it’s best to avoid killing in view of the cameras altogether, sometimes you only have a few seconds to seize your opportunity. Thankfully, you can tell when a security camera is active as it’ll display a red, flashing light. Even when killing out of range of a security camera, if you’ve noticed that someone is watching the area, it’s worth taking extra care to ensure you go through the motions of entering and leaving a room normally.
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Instead of pretending to fix these emergencies, you can actually fix them for real in order to gain your Crewmates’ trust. If you’re the one fixing the emergencies, there’s no way you can be the Impostor, right? After all, why would the Impostor want to save everyone, right? …Right?
You can play Among Us as a ‘guest’ without an account, but this limits your interactions with other players to Quick-Chat Mode – a catalogue of pre-configured responses you can use to discuss the game. Access to free text requires registering for an account. Registered players can also choose their display name. Additional customisations are available via in-app purchasing.
At any point in Amongus, when you feel things are getting dicey. Among us hacker can tap on one of your Online Performers to hold an Emergency Meeting with them. This should give you a great deal of time to try and sort out whatever concerns you have. However, it will use a considerable portion of your Performers’ Energy. At least two Online Performers are required for such meetings! And leave them tired as a result.
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Ans. The Among us is absolutely free to install. No need to pay a single penny from your pocket in order to install this game.
Impostors in your ‘safe’ group will be intent on cornering you by yourself.
Among Us APK gives you lot of entertainment and fun. It is safe and secure app don’t worry about your privacy.
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Together, they make the only guide to Among Us you’ll need – it’s the perfect read for anyone who wants to survive in space (or destroy everyone!)
If you’ve ever played social-deduction games like “Mafia” or “Werewolf,” you’re already familiar with the premise of “Among Us.”
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For the moment, we’re just going to learn about how to play – we’ll cover how to customise your character (name, colour, outfit etc) after we get a little practice at Crewmate and Impostor gameplay.
While skills in navigating the ship, completing tasks, and maintaining an awareness of surroundings are valuable in Among Us, the game is largely based on social and psychological elements. Crewmates must balance relying on mutual trust with a healthy suspicion of other players in order to work together to sniff out an impostor. Even experienced players can be fooled by impostors, or wrongly accused of being an impostor themselves. People who play regularly with groups of close friends may begin to identify patterns and tells, developing their skills based on what they know about fellow players and their techniques.
As an Impostor, you can pretend to do tasks. All you have to do is approach the object/device and stand by it for a while. Fake Tasks appear in the top left corner, and when you open the map, you will see exclamation marks that show where the tasks that you can fake are located.
When you are imposter, you can sabotage certain items on the map to kill the crewman
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Regime – Purchase with Armory Key in the Archives (D3).
The Academy launched a formal review into the incident but it is unclear what kind of action might be taken pending its findings.
When accepting his award later in the evening, Smith approached the stage with teary eyes. He often invoked his “King Richard” character, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. 
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Along with player speed, you can also change your speed if you are a ghost. The Slider have the same speed settings and values as the Player Speed Slider.
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